Computerized ADHD Testing


The Quotient® ADHD System is an FDA-cleared device that accurately measures motion and analyzes shifts in attention state to give your clinician a report with objective data on hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. This information is then used to help guide treatment planning, including diagnosis and medication management.

The test takes 15 minutes for children 6-12 and 20 minutes for adolescents and adults. The test measures an individual’s movements while he or she attempts to focus on changing visual stimuli. The information is uploaded via a secure internet connection and results are compared to a database of age and gender matched groups.

Compare Quotient Test Results of a Child With ADHD vs. a Child Without ADHD

Quotient reports are designed to provide a quick comparison of the patient’s performance. Data collected from the advanced motion tracking system captures motor activity for the entire test, providing a sensitive measure of developmental deficits.




 With Quotient’s patented Attention State Analysis, it is possible to follow moment to moment changes in the patient’s ability to pay attention. Low overall attention and frequent shifts between attention states within a test are highly correlated with ADHD.





Why was the test ordered?

The Quotient report may be useful any time objective data can help to make more informed decisions regarding your child’s diagnosis or ongoing treatment.

  • It may be used at the initial visit to quantify the severity of deficits related to hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention.
  • It may be used during medication initiation to evaluate progress towards goals and to help guide treatment planning, as well as periodically to ensure continued medication efficacy.
  • It may be used periodically while off medication to determine continued need for treatment or if symptoms have remitted.

How can I prepare my child?

  • Ensure that your child has slept well the night before the test.

  • Make sure your child is not hungry during the test as this can affect performance.

  • Explain to your child that they will be taking a test on a computer that is much like a boring video game. Explain that they will have to wear a headband during the test, but that it does not hurt. They will have to sit in a small room by themselves, but there is a glass window and a family member can stand outside if they prefer.

  • Avoid caffeinated beverages the day of the test, including coffee, tea, energy drinks and mountain dew, as they can influence the results.

  • If your child is to be tested while on ADHD medication, please ensure that they take their medication as directed. Our office will schedule the test a specific number of hours after the medication is taken depending on the type of medication. Please call our office if you are out of medication or have any questions about timing.

When will I receive the results?

The raw data is available immediately after the test is submitted, however our providers must interpret this data and complete a comprehensive report. This report will be available for review at your child’s next follow-up visit. Treatment planning will take place at that time.

Do you test adults in your office?

We currently only test children and adolescents at PENS, however for information regarding Quotient testing for adults please click here.