Clinical Research


At PENS, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care for children with neurological conditions. Our mission is to transform the lives of children with neurological disorders through groundbreaking research, innovative treatments, and dedicated patient care. We strive to provide hope and support to affected children and their families by fostering collaboration among researchers, clinicians, and the community. We firmly believe in creating a future where every child can reach their full potential.

By participating in clinical trials, patients gain access to cutting-edge treatments that may not yet be available to the general public. Furthermore, the data collected from these studies help to refine existing treatments and develop new ones, ultimately enhancing the quality of care and outcomes for all children with neurological conditions.

Clinical research trials prioritize the safety of young participants above all else. These trials adhere to stringent guidelines set by regulatory bodies like the FDA to ensure that all aspects of the study, from the design to the implementation, prioritize the well-being of the participants involved. During the trial, participants are closely monitored by a team of experienced healthcare professionals to promptly address any concerns and ensure their safety throughout the study period. Additionally, families are provided with detailed information about the trial, including potential risks and benefits, empowering them to make informed decisions prior to their participation. Through these measures, clinical research trials maintain the highest standards of safety and ethics, aiming to improve treatment options while protecting the health and welfare of every participant involved. Importantly, participants retain the right to withdraw from the trial at any time, for any reason, without penalty. This ensures that families have full control over their participation and can make decisions based on the best interests of the patient.

We are currently conducting research studies for the following conditions:

  • Epilepsy (1 month – less than 18 years) View Study
  • Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (Children and Adults) View Study
  • Tourette’s Disorder (Children and Adults) View Study
  • Refractory Focal Onset Epilepsy (18-75 years of age) View Study

For additional information, please contact the research department at (813) 873-7367 extension 210.

Check with our research department for studies launching soon.
To learn more about research studies or to find trials on a specific medical condition, please visit

Jose Ferreira, MD - Principal Investigator
Carmen Ferreira, MD - Subinvestigator
Himali Jayakody, MD - Subinvestigator
Lizbeth Arroyo, APRN - Subinvestigator
Kristin Fritch, APRN - Subinvestigator
Susan Ngo, CCRC - Research Coordinator
Christine Tran, B.S. – Research Coordinator